New Forest Fairy Festival 2016

Where you there?!

Neon Fairy would love to share your pics if we painted you at the festival this year, contact Caroline:

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Well I was so pleased to attend The New Forest Fairy Festival for the third time this year and my goodness it was a corker!

One of my most favourite events during the year, the fairy festival in Burley is a gem of a day out for families, young and young at heart - everyone with a like mind and love for all things fairy and enchanted.

Organised by the fantastic shop, A Covern Of Witches , Burley , this festival continues to grow in popularity every year.

Neon Fairy Face Painting had such an amazing time and was so pleased to meet fairies from festival past as well as meeting new fairies of festival present.

This year we offered festival glitter as well as fairy face painting and are looking to add something a little extra to our stall for next year so see you there!

Link to the festival website is below if you would like to find out more and buy tickets. The New Forest Fairy Festival

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